Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Try Me

There is a sign posted on a table at work that reads very confidently "Try Me".   It sits on a table full of boards and nails, all of which are battered and abused beyond thepoint of being effective.  The autohammer that you're meant to try is currently packed away, haphazardly stuffed into its complementary carrying case--it, too, has seen better days.  On days when we are slow, I stand behind the row of self-propelled lawn mowers and stare blankly at the sign and its surrounding display (which includes a TV with a visual display fir you to follow along with).  A few days ago, I was standing behind my favorite mower, day dreaming as I sometimes do, when I had the image of myself laying on the table with the "Try Me" sign strapped to my neck, waiting for someone to ask fir a demonstration on how I work exactly.  Were I laying there, would anyone stop to see what deal they might be getting by trying me out?  What features and benefits could they get with me as the tool in their hands?  Would anyone take the time to take a second glance?

At the age of 23, I am old for an unmarried LDS woman.  Not quite to the point of being a spinster, I am definitely in that "be weary" category.  In another year or so I will graduate into the "something's wrong here" grouping, shortly followed by the "stay away" club which I will join by the age of 26.  There is no fault in this assumption, whoever makes it and no matter how untrue it may be--for me or for any other LDS young adult found in a similar situation.  I belong to a culture that values very highly family values, and the creation of such family is viewed as a high priority.  I, myself, would love one of those families for my very own.  However, here I am, at the age of 23, single and without many options, not even cool enough to have a basement to live in at my parents house.  I intend to put all of those mistaken ideas and impressions of what a single LDS girl is to rest.

This blog will chart the adventure of being a single LDS girl and the discovery of what makes my life happy.  A sort of Mormon girl's Sex in the City, I intend to touch on every topic--from love to lust to fashion to humor.

So now comes the part where I have to ask: "Try me"?  Just for a while walk up, read my sign, and see what all I can do.  You may be surprised by what you find is displayed before you.